Why entrust your work to a translation agency?

Content is a very important asset for any business. From websites to social networks and brochures, the text communicates the message that can win the trust of potential clients.

We’re sure that you have taken care of every detail of this aspect of your communication. And for the translation? Do you want your content to be as effective and precise in another language too?

In this article you’ll discover why you should trust a translation agency rather than attempt localization of your texts in house!


Simplified management of complex projects

Some companies that operate in international markets have their own mother-tongue employees, agents or staff. A common error is to think that this means having the resources necessary to perform translations!

Translation of content should be viewed as a project. It may be more or less detailed, but always requires careful examination of the message to communicate and the most appropriate vocabulary.

When you entrust your work to a structured translation agency, you access a service that includes a dedicated project manager who is able to follow every phase of the work. In few words, you don’t have to worry about anything!


Consistent translation of content

Every sector has a specific language and terminology. Some words are also broken down into idioms that differ from the original and become commonly used. Most of the terms, even the most complicated, have their counterparts in other languages.

An important aspect of translation work is the creation of a glossary of words specific to your business. These terms are carefully chosen to guarantee that your message is clear in the language of the reader.

This glossary allows correct translation of the information that you want to transmit and is used for all of your texts. This guarantees a consistency of message and terminology among the contents of your website, catalogue or document.


Understanding of cultural characteristics

Some content require something more than just a simple translation. Advertising texts, product descriptions and all other message that are meant to persuade and captivate need to “resonate” with the public.

A competent translator performs the transposition of a test by taking into account the particular cultural characteristics of the target. Colloquial phrases, sentence structure and subtleties are what make the difference between a literal translation and an effective adaptation!

Thanks to the study of the characteristics of your business and the perfect knowledge of both the language and culture, the professional translator guarantees you the maximum effect of the content in the new language.

One of the advantages of entrusting your work to a translation agency is that the research, evaluation and selection of mother-tongue professionals has already been done. You don’t have to worry about finding someone able to do the work: the best team of professionals for your project are already at your disposal!


From a simple brochure to an elaborate website or application, entrusting your work to a translation agency is the best way to complete the project in a fast and easy way. Continuous assistance and a team of selected professionals are the guarantee of a perfect job delivered within your deadline.

Do you have a translation project to do and you don’t know where to begin? Contact us today for a free estimate!

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