Translate your business: a question of trust

All content pertaining to your company must be designed with the maximum care. Website texts, social media posts, newsletters: the image of your business depends largely on how you communicate.

As long of the material is created in the language that you speak, it’s easy to have total control over the situation. But when it comes to translating your content for international markets, things get complicated. How can you be sure that the message in the new language is transmitted correctly and most effectively?


Start off on the right foot

To translate content well, it’s essential to first have all of the necessary information. Did you think that the work consists in bringing text from one language to another? In reality, things are a bit more complicated.

Of course, some content can be taken and translated directly, without any specific study. But in the majority of cases, a meeting between the client and the translation team is necessary to clarify elements such as specific terms or the communication style.

And this is why a structured translation agency assigns the client a dedicated project manager, who coordinates not only the work, but also the exchange of information! Only after an extensive briefing on the requests and objectives can the project begin.


Trust through the meeting

You certainly want the same care and attention that you put into creating the content in your language be used in the translation process. It’s just that, if you don’t know the “destination language”, you have no way to check that the message has been translated correctly!

Without a doubt, it is necessary to have a level of trust of the professionals that you rely on. This trust is built through the initial project meeting: as we said, only a briefing with the project manager and the translation team guarantees that everyone is on the same page and that they have the information necessary to perform the work.

But you also have to meet with the team during the revision phase. This is the right moment to review the material and talk about the translation, how is “sounds” in the new language.

Even if many people skip this phase of the project, we consider it one of the most important because it helps to eliminate any doubts on the part of the client of the efficacy of the translations. If you engage a service, you have the right to be accompanied throughout every aspect and ask how your work was done!


Arkì solutions

The majority of structured translation agencies follow the process that we have described, with a translation team and a project manager to coordinate the activity. This approach fits well with the majority of projects, but sometimes there are particularly complex or delicate translations that worry the client.

Maybe it regards terms with different translations in various languages, or maybe there are User Experience problems in translating a longer or shorter phrase. Through our experience, we have realized that an external opinion is sometimes necessary.

That is why at Arkì, we have decided to add a further meeting step. In the revision phase, we provide our clients with a group of mother-tongue experts who have not participated in the project. In this way, it’s possible to evaluate the performance of the translations and ensure that they are correct and effective through an objective opinion!


The translation of your business content is a question of trust. But this trust is earned through the approach to the project and constant communication. And choosing the right agency can guarantee you a quality result and the maximum serenity throughout every phase of your project.

See you at the next article!

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