Your project: translating a marketing campaign

Capturing the interest of users and converting them into clients is a complex process that requires the integration of various activities. It requires advertisements, videos, images, landing pages, automated emails and much more! The necessary content is attentively created to maximize the effectiveness of the message.

This effort shouldn’t get lost when translating your marketing campaign. Unfortunately, however, sometimes high-impact communications strategies in one language are ruined by careless translations. What can you do to maintain the effectiveness of your marketing activities?


Adapt the texts to the local culture

Think about how many colloquial phrases are in the language you speak. For example, in the previous sentences ‘get lost’ or ‘high impact’ are figurative expressions – metaphors – typical of our language. Quite often, these expressions, that transmit such a specific message, have no meaning in another language! What’s the point? The point is that you have to recreate your content based on the culture of your target audience.

For many, the easiest way to localize a marketing campaign is to translate the content literally. In effect, this is a quick process that simply requires a person competent in both the original and target languages. The problem is that this approach tends to nullify the effectiveness of carefully composed texts to be translated into a specific language.

The solution is to vary the content from one language to another, using colloquial phrases and typical expressions able to transmit a clear message to the people receiving the content. These details make the difference because they “resonate” with the audience that you want to reach and maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.


Leverage the potential of Transcreation

What counts for your campaign, and what should remain consistent for each audience, is the message that you want to communicate; the form, however, can be adapted to the needs of the local context.

This means that you may find yourself with an advertisement or content completely different from one language to another from a purely expressive point of view. This is because colloquial phrases are difficult to translate, but have equivalents that have the same meaning in other cultures.

Transcreation is the approach to translation that consists of reworking the content to the point where it’s completely different from the original material, making it suitable for the target audience while maintaining the meaning intact. What counts is that, through recreation, the text of your marketing campaign remains effective in the local language!

There are many examples of campaigns for international brands with texts or slogans that are completely different from one country to another. These case studies demonstrate how advantageous it is to customize your communication on the basis of the audience you want to reach.


Rely on translation professionals

Translating a marketing campaign is a delicate project. There’s no margin for error: often, the available space is limited, as is the attention of the audience. A message able to capture the attention and convert clients must be concentrated into just a few characters of an announcement on a search engine or social network.

This is why the quality of the translation of a communications campaign is so important! The content is one of the main elements that contributes to achievement of the objective, so you must ensure that it’s as effective as the other actions that you put in place.

A professional translator is able to support you in the creation of content customized for your target audience. Their command of the target language and culture are invaluable advantages that guarantee the effectiveness of the message translated!

When you think about the translation of a marketing campaign, you have to remember these aspects:

– Translate the texts taking the local culture into account

– Utilize the potential of Transcreation to create captivating content

– Choose a quality translation agency that uses mother-tongue experts in communications campaigns


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