How to choose a translation agency

In a previous article, we talked about why you should use a translation agency. Your content has been created with care, and it takes just as much care to make it as effective in another language.

Considering that this sector is full of agencies and freelance translators to choose from, it can surely be confusing. How do you choose the right translation agency for your business? This article examines the characteristics that the professionals who you entrust with your content should have!

The first step: agency or freelance?

A legitimate question to ask yourself is: why choose a translation agency when a freelancer costs less?
It’s true that a freelance translator can offer lower prices on individual translation projects compared with an agency. On the other hand, a freelancer typically works receiving content and adapting it to the language that they work in, without offering other services.

The majority of translation projects are more complicated than that. There may be many texts to translate, perhaps into multiple languages, with specific terminologies and concepts that must be studied before starting the work. An agency offers not only translation service, but also coordination of the professionals, project management, organization of the materials and the revision phase.

The complexity of multichannel digital projects requires preliminary meetings, translations in multiple languages and careful revisions in constant collaboration with the client. All of these tasks are the bread and butter of a translation agency!

Evaluating the services offered

As previously stated, digital projects are very complex. Many elements should be taken into consideration: the target language and public, content type, support, technical language of the business, etc.

When faced with this complexity, if an agency only gives you a cost estimate for reception of the content and its translation, something is missing. Unless it happens to be a particularly simple job, it’s necessary to structure the project into different, well-defined phases.

An efficient translation agency provides you with a project manager, who will be your reference contact and coordinate the translators. This person, expert in organization, holds the preliminary briefings to collect information on your business and define the glossaries, receives and checks the materials and accompanies you through every phase of the project.

Another essential service is the revision. At Arkì, we like to highlight that this aspect of the work is a true “service” because we believe that the most effective revision is the one assigned to a translator other than the one doing the initial translation.

IThe translated content must be as perfect as the original. So the chance to refine the material, through a meeting between the client and the translation team, is essential!

Appreciate the simplification

Another question to consider when you choose a translation agency is to evaluate how much the services offered will simplify your work.

Imagine having to translate your website, created in WordPress, into four different languages. You can receive an Excel file with all of the texts translated, manually insert it sentence by sentence into the blocks of the editor, or you can collaborate with an agency expert in the use of translation technology that integrates with your systems and saves you time and effort!

Today we work on websites, editorial plans for social networks, videos, mobile apps and much more. Working with partners who are able to make the work easier through the simplified integration and management of the material is a must.


Now at the end of this article, you’ve discovered how to choose the perfect translation agency for your business!

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