Professional, in-country native translators, specialized in various subjects, in 30+ languages.


Dubbing and voice-over services recorded in our studios and partner studios around the world.


Creative adaptation of your product presentation to a different culture.

Tailored business translations

Arkì provides professional translations and localization for companies embarking on the global market with their 3.0 products: Apps, E-commerce, E-Learning, Content Marketing, Blogs, Webinars, Chatbots.

We want to contribute to your performance on the global markets, translating your content into every language spoken by your customers around the world.

Your content in a different culture

Every company has its own culture, with a specific universe of content that is reflected by a specific language. We identify its style, create a glossary and produce translation guidelines which we share with our teams of professional translators to maximize the impact of the message in every local language.


This ensures that the content is re-created in a different culture and language, capturing the full meaning of the original message to play in perfect harmony with the local markets.

Humanity meets technology: maximum efficiency

Arkì spares you from the complex task of managing your translations. We connect directly to the content you need to translate (Web, CMS, E-learning platforms) using plug-ins that automate the export and import process.


So our linguists can focus exclusively on the quality of the translation, and your in-house team can focus on other tasks.