Don’t oversimplify pricing.

At Arki, we don’t win projects by just offering the lowest price on the market. 


We would rather do our best to optimize the price, after careful analysis of the project needs and definition of the best strategy. This means that you will have a true cost estimate, along with the certainty of having the translation and management quality you need – and therefore a fair ROI.


Let’s begin this analysis together in an online chat. 

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How is an estimate created?

The estimate is developed by evaluating the different variables for each project and for each client:

The cost is based on the number of words in the project. Each language has a different per-word cost.

The cost varies based on the quality and specialization of the project, from a simple translation for internal use to a creative re-write.

There is an industry standard for “weighted translations”, which defines a discount based on how repetitive the text is. 

If previous translations exist for the same project, they will be used as reference material for our work, increasing the discount for repetitions.

This is what gives us value, the reason it makes more sense to work with us than with a freelance translator.


Technical content management, selection of the best translation teams, quality control, availability, the guarantee of on-time delivery: the Project Manager is responsible for all these tasks. The cost of the PM accounts for 10% of the project total.

The sum and the interaction of these factors results in the best possible estimate, created based on your needs. This is why we believe that cranking out automatic estimates or showing generic tables is pointless. Fill in the form to receive a free estimate!